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Shawn Casady & Twister Move Up the Ranks to Claim Under 25 Championship at the National Horse Show

RELEASE: November 2, 2014
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Kenneth Kraus and Kendall Bierer for Phelps Media Group, Inc. International


Lexington, Ky. - The final day of the $65,000 Sleepy P Ranch & Deeridge Farm Under 25 Championship at the 131st National Horse Show ultimately came down to two demanding rounds and an upset in the ranks as Shawn Casady and Twister made a comeback to seal the victory. Casady jumped from the fourth position to the first with a double clear today, finishing on a total of 6 penalties to lead the victory gallop for the inaugural championship.

Shawn Casady and Twister (Shawn McMillen Photography)

Casady's consistent efforts in the first two days of competition put him just behind the 18-year-old Michael Hughes and MacArthur. Hughes and MacArthur, owned by Christina Fried, led the standings going into the final day of competition, with day one and two class winners Wilton Porter and Kalvin Dobbs sitting in third and second respectively. With zero penalties to his name, Hughes entered the competition with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Shawn Casady and Twister (Shawn McMillen Photography)

MacArthur, a horse known for his foot speed, unfortunately had one rail during the opening round and continued into the second round with four penalties. A rub at the front rail of the tenth obstacle dropped him from the lead, leaving Casady to take the championship with six penalties overall.

"MacArthur is usually a horse that thrives off going a lot more, so I was a little bit surprised the first night when he went so well," Hughes recounted. "Usually he can be a little bit spooky the first night, but he was great every round. He tried so hard. We made a few mistakes the last couple of rounds, being a little bit nervous. But other than that he was amazing all week."

Hughes continued, "Going into the second round, I knew I couldn't have a rail. I could have time faults, but MacArthur's naturally a fast horse so I didn't think I would. I thought it was going to be a great course for him. I was a bit surprised by the rail we had. I couldn't have asked any more from him all week."

Casady, a rider recently turned professional, was thrilled with his win aboard Twister, owned by Cavallo Farms, LLC. He trained with Ken and Emily Smith of Ashland Farm during his junior years, and his transition to professional rider has been smooth as he continues his relationship with their operation.

"As a junior I was always busy, kind of like a professional, catch riding and working for different people," Casady said. "I have been trying to do more, ride more and get more classes like this. It's been a really smooth transition. I've worked with Twister for a couple years now. The Spoglis own him-huge thanks to them for the opportunity to ride a real grand prix horse like that."

Casady continued, "He likes to be ridden together with seat and contact. He's not a small catty horse. You have to worry a little about the time allowed, but he thrives off the pace of it and it works."

Third place finisher Nicole Bellissimo made a huge comeback after initially placing 17th on the opening day of competition. Although she consistently rode VDL Bellefleur to four clear rounds, her opening day put her into a low rank when she incurred time faults for her tidy round.

Bellissimo described, "I've had her since the end of her 6-year-old year, so even though she's 8 years old right now, I know her extremely well. We've been stepping her up and down. She's done some grand prix, won a 1.50m class at Bromont and jumped clear at New Albany. We let her tell us how she's feeling and try not to push her too much."

Casady admitted that the quality of horses was unbelievable, with the top ranked riders in the nation, 25 and younger, vying for the first annual championship.

"This championship is great!" Casady said. "It's neat that they started it this year, and I'm excited to see where it goes. It is a really great program. I don't think there was a bad horse in the class. Every round, every horse, every rider-it was intense!"



There's No End to the Top for Shawn Casady

August 27, 2013 | Posted in By Katie Shoultz

Fresh off a fourth place finish overall and Tier II reserve champion at the USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals on August 16, catching up with 19-year-old, barely turned professional Shawn Casady means finding him on the go, in between rings and rounds during summer shows at the Kentucky Horse Park.


Versatile and in-demand, this young rider’s Derby Finals performance was flanked by successful rides in the USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Championship and the Bluegrass Festival Grand Prix, all in the same week. Currently based a rider for Ashland Farms with Ken and Emily Smith, Casady has consistently put in top finishes in both the hunter and jumper divisions these past few months during the Kentucky Summer Series.

Casady in the ring at Kentucky. Photo courtesy Rachel Mausser

His ride at Derby Finals only affirmed what a lot of industry insiders have already noticed – that Casady is one to watch. A young rider who got his start catch riding, Casady continues to impress – and this show season is only his first year as a pro.


Pressure's On
With a long list of top pros and hungry junior riders, Casady knew the pressure was on for top accolades during Derby Finals. But despite his own greenness to the derbies, he consistently nailed the courses. (With the new format, riders were placed into either Tier I or Tier II based on their derby winnings and Casady fell into the latter. His solid performances meant a greater payout in the end than some of the more experienced Tier I riders.) 


As congratulations flew his way from fellow riders after the final results, Casady took it all in with contagious excitement. Pumping his helmet for the crowd during the victory lap, it was clear that he’s having a lot of fun with this line of work.


Victory galloping at Derby Finals. Photo courtesy Rachel Mausser


That busy week was directly followed by more hectic weeks of showing. But Casady was happy to pause as he waited for his next leg up, taking a seat on a ringside straw bale. With a steely look in his blue eyes, tousled helmet hair and his coat still buttoned, he spoke with fervor about the sport. With all the seriousness of a seasoned professional, he hasn’t yet lost the wide-eyed wonder of a kid.


“It was a lot of fun, I mean it’s the Derby Finals after all,” he smiled. “Everybody was there, and management does a good job of making it an important event.”


His mount was Ascot, a 10-year-old bay warmblood owned by HJ Group, LLC, a relatively new ride for Casady as the duo only came together in May. But, they immediately clicked and have cruised to top placings all summer. “He’s a boy just as much as I am. He’s cheeky and a smarty pants,” Casady tells.


Despite only doing a handful of derbies before the finals, Casady knew Ascot was up to the task. “He’s really confident, and the course was great. It was challenging, but it wasn’t a bloodbath.”


With a lot of singles in the course, Casady approached the ride with a soft effectiveness and style; an approving crowd and final score of 549.85 reflected his proficiency. But, there was one thing that was lacking when he entered the ring – no “lucky” socks, no charm of any kind. His superstition is not to be superstitious.


“If I find myself washing a certain pair of pants or underwear, I just have to stop myself,” he says in his usual witty way.


As soon as Derby Finals wrapped up and the barns went dark, Casady was already looking to the next day and rides ahead.


Learning Lessons Along the Way
In 2001, at the age of seven, Casady started taking lessons and begged to keep at it. With an airline-pilot father, he spent a lot of his childhood around planes, but Casady preferred the barn life. The challenge of riding was appealing to his self-admitted competitive personality from the get go and the thrill remains in figuring out every ride and every detail of the sport. “There’s not too much turning around now, is there?” he poses. Not that he ever thought to.


With a group of supportive trainers and owners, Casady’s hard work and talent is being polished to a shine. Rising through the ranks the old-fashioned way, Casady hopped on as many ponies and horses as he could – and still catch rides as often as he can. “I’ve never had the luxury of owning my own, and I want to get to the top, so you can’t really say no to a ride,” he explains. It’s easy to forget that he’s still a teenager; he’s got a handle on the realities of the world that most can’t grasp. 


He also knows the importance of immersing himself in the sport beyond just riding. “You have to be able to do it all if you’re starting from the bottom up,” he explains. For him, talking to everyone and spending hours watching from ringside has given him a pretty good idea of how he wants to approach his career for himself. “You learn both how you want to do it and how you don’t.”


But if you ask if it’s been a sacrifice, he’ll look up with furrowed brow. “I mean, you could call it a sacrifice,” he tells with a pause. “Or it’s just freakish determination,” he adds with a laugh. “Some people like to have a ‘life,’ and I’m like ‘what’s that’?”

This July, Shawn won both the $10,000 Welcome and the $30,000 Cleveland Valley Grand Prix at Chagrin Valley with Twister. Photo courtesy Rachel Mausser

Now that he’s reached that goal of being an in-demand rider, Casady couldn’t be happier with the way things are shaking out. He’s quick to point out that “it’s taken a village” to get him to where he is. He also will candidly tell you it’s not an easy transition to make the leap from junior to professional. But, in his short year of being a pro, he has tried not to over think it or change his approach too much. A tough order since just last year his junior career included a silver medal finish for individual show jumping at NAJYRC and a sixth place award at the George Morris Excellence in Equitation Championships. So far, though, it’s working.


His crazy big dream? “To see and travel the world through the horses. There’s no end to the top,” he says with a conviction that makes you easily believe it’s only a matter of time for this young rider. As he’s moved up in the order of go, Casady brushes off his breeches and goes over his last-minute game plan. This time it’s the handy round in a national derby; business as usual for this young industry professional.

Casady and Ascot. Photo courtesy Mandy Su

Practical Horseman-Shawn Casady

Thanks: Practical Horseman

Equestrian Sport Productions Year End Awards Horse Show Wrap-Up: December 8-9, 2012


2012 ESP Year End Awards: Peakewood Farm’s Chromeo and Shawn Casady topped the Junior Hunter divisions for the season.


Written by: Lauren Fisher
Client: Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.


Shawn Casady Wins with Bolero, Gaining on Louise Serio in the $5,000 Hallway Feeds National Hunter Derby at Kentucky Summer Classic


Lexington, KY—Aug 4, 2012—The Stonelea Arena was bustling today as it saw six divisions stretching the length of the day. Lined with sponsor bulletins, the $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby turned out a crowd as well as promised top riders and steep competition. Out of 29 riders, Shawn Casady once again emerged as victor, this time upon Bolero, scoring 178.50. Louise Serio returned riding Corvine, beating her last week’s points and scoring 178, coming in a half point behind Casady, earning the duo a second place standing. Riding to a third place finish, Erica Quinn and Chit Chat came in with a total of 175.

Bolero Aug 4 2012Employing heighten sensory to navigate a well schemed course, riders leaped walls of obstacles, lined in rows creating a sideways Y shape. Brilliantly designed by Danny Moore, the course opened with the Hallway Feeds fences, made up of natural wood and refined vegetation. The variation ranged from brick walls, birch verticals and oxers to grass roll tops, and a fallen tree, hay bale obstacle. The fence arrangement had riders jumping the equidistance to complete the jump line full of lead changes and round turns.

Shawn Casady took the early lead in the first round, charming the judges with an impressive score of 91. Being the 11th rider to attempt the course, Erica Quinn and Chit Chat of Centennial Farm Inc, of Plametto, FL, posted the score to beat, taking all four options to equal an 89. Casady riding on horse Bolero of Marigot Bay Farm LLC of Dover, MD, changed the pace from the 22nd position. Quinn’s handy round earned the duo the overall score of 175 points, securing the third place derby award.

Casady’s stiffest competition came from the professional level, Louis Serio who occupies the lead of the ongoing series. Serio brought two mounts to show, To the Nines and Corvine, but it was Corvine who rode clear, warranting the higher total of the two, scoring 178 and winning the pair a blue ribbon. To the Nines scored a respective 173 to take the 5th place ranking.

“Corvine was a little more tired this week than he was last week but still rode strong for me out there,” Serio shared. “He puts out so much effort and rides great. He is always awesome for me. I liked the handy a lot there were a lot of jumps out there and it was fun to ride.”

The top 12 high scoring first round contenders returned to take on the handy round. Shawn Casady riding Bolero, breezed through the short course, taking all four high options, earning the two an 87.50. Their flawless ride elevated their score out of reach of the opponent, earning them the distinguished blue ribbon.

“The course rode good today.” Casady recalled as he looked out upon the empty arena. “There was a lot to look at and it was really busy. I’m used to galloping down lines and having blind spots but this course was fun because there were a lot of singles and the options were presented nicely. There was a lot going on but it was really fun to ride.”

Shawn Casady has only been training with Bolero since the winter. Owned by Madison Arani of Dover, MA, of Marigot Bay Farm since 2005, Bolero has built a career on winning titles nationwide. Casady plans on continuing his winning streak in the derbies to come, also with the help of last week winning mount, Without a Question.

“Derbies are great for him because he is a great jumper and he’s careful but a little spooky,” Trainer, Leslie Emerson divulged about Bolero. “We jump him a little lower so he is still impressed by the difference in jumps. We still get the big elegant jump from him and it’s good for his mind and to keep him interested. There is no greater pleasure than watching him show.”

Also in the top ranks earning fourth place by taking all the high options, Molly Sewell and Larkspur, owned by Ashley Whitner, took a first-round total of 83 points and second round presenting 91 points equaling a solid 174 points. Owner and rider, True Kershenbaum of Leawood, KS, reappeared at a sixth place finished in the ranks, aboard Ultra with an overall score of 168.

Shawn Casady trails to Louise Serio in the Hallway Feeds Leading Rider Series, where he competes against other junior, amateur, and professional riders for a chance to receive money from the $15,000 Leading Rider Bonus. His win today increased his standings, yet, not enough to surpass Serio who currently leads by 50 points in the series after today’s second place win.

“She beat me in the spring,” Casady laughed. “She is some tough competition. I’ve got to keep doing what I’m doing to keep my position in this series.”


Written by: Ashley N. Williams
Client: Kentucky Horse Shows LLC:

Photo Credit: Kendall Bierer



$5,000 Hallway Feeds National Hunter Derby Sees Shawn Casady Win Aboard Without Question At Kentucky Summer Horse Show - July 30 2012


The $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby received the top hunters from around the country to ride a course that was certain to keep horse and rider on the edge of their skills. Set in the Stonelea Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park, the event saw 24 riders compete for the top prize. It was Shawn Casady and Without Question who rode to the top of the leader board, solidifying an overall victory with the high score of 181 points. Louise Serio and Corvine were awarded the red ribbon for posting an impressive performance, a scored total of 177 points, while Steve Heinecke excelled to the third place finish, with a score of 176 points aboard So Lucky.

Riders displayed their honed talents, completing the lengths of a classic hunter course designed by Joseph Carnicom, and sponsored by Hallway Feeds. The top 12 scores in the first round earned the right to compete in the exclusive second round to seal their placings. In both rounds participants were given the option to supplement their scores with extra points by taking any of the four higher fences. The course was adeptly set, reminiscent of a classic hunt field, made up of natural wood and birch oxers, grass roll tops, and a hay bale obstacle. Jumps were set at angles where riders had to cut through previous jump paths and lead changes and tight turns were crucial for success.

Louise Serio posted an early lead during the first round, entering the ring as the eighth rider to attempt the course. Her first round score of 91 definitely caught the judges' eyes as she put down a careful and consistent round aboard Corvine. The rider left nothing to chance as she demonstrated her hunt sense, earning the top score of 91. She secured the final slot in the handy round to take her try at the short course. Her handy round earned the duo the overall score of 177 points, securing the second place position.

"It was good. It was a fun course to ride and it was designed well. I had a lot of fun," Serio shared as she recalled the course. "Corvine was actually great, but I got a little behind at the trot jump, that was my fault, he was perfect. He followed my plan. He also won the National Hunter Derby at the Brandywine Valley Summer Series, and that's about all he's done since then. He hangs out doing derbies mostly."

It was upon returning for the handy round that Shawn Casady rode his mount, Without Question, owned by Ponies and Palms Show Stables of Boca Raton, FL, and leased by Marigot Bay Farm of Dover, MA, in such a commanding fashion that he gained the second round high score. The pair opted to take all four high options, worth a point each, which were added to his base score of 88. The overall score put the horse and rider at the top of the rankings with a total of 181 points, and the lead of the evening's victory gallop.

"My first round was nice and solid, she jumped great. In the first round we took all of the high options, which allowed for us to earn a pretty good score. Her handy round was great, we just went in and she was bright. She jumped even higher than before. We made all the inside turns when available, and she had a great hand gallop. "

Shawn Casady has only been riding Without Question for a couple months. She is a 16-year-old mare, normally working as a childern's hunter horse out of Dover, MA, with Madison Arani. Without Question was bred, which slowed her previous showing career, but is now making a comeback.

"These classes are such an amazing place to showcase a horse that should be jumping at this level later in their life," trainer Leslie Emerson passionately spoke about Without Question. "We are a huge fan of our rider, Shawn Casady, who is up for the Leading Rider Bonus from Hallway feeds. They make such a great team, and she is the best horse, ever. She's so angelic, and we are happy to recognize her as amazing for the children's hunters."

"I have fun in these classes," Casady explained. "Having a fit, strong mare is a bonus, especially thanks to Hallway Feeds and their Leading Rider Bonus. It makes the classes that much more fun. She's sweet and every time she enters the class she gives a 100 percent. I've been riding her since the Florida Circuit and she's been a dream."

Steve Heinecke returned for the handy hunter course with a first-round score of 88 points. He once again navigated So Lucky, owned by Jane Fisher of Baton Rouge, LA, to the score of 84 with the additional four bonus points to earn another 88. His overall score of 176 proved good enough for the third place ribbon.

Placing on another mount, Louise Serio rode To the Nines, also owned by Palms and Ponies, to the fourth place award with a two-round score of 175 points. The pair was followed closely by Lindsey Tomeu aboard Take Note, owned by Siboney Ranch of West Palm Beach, FL, who posted a score of 163 points. It was owner and rider True Kershenbaun who picked up the sixth place award riding Ultra of Leawood, KS, to the overall score of 162 points.

Shawn Casady maintains the lead in the jaunt of the Hallway Feeds Leading Rider Series, where he competes against other junior, amateur and professional riders for their piece of the $15,000 Leading Rider Bonus. His win today increased his standing, placing him in first with 600 points, while following in pursuit is Louise Serio with her new rank of 550 in the series after today's second place points.

"I love Kentucky, it's my favorite," Casady said. "I spend my summer here and I look forward to more derbies and shows. It's great to be here."

This was the third of six National Hunter Derbies sponsored by Hallway Feeds, featuring $15,000 Leading Rider Bonuses for professional, junior and amateur riders. The competitors can look forward to the chance to participate throughout the series, where they can aspire to climb the ranks and claim the bonus.

Today marked the conclusion of the Kentucky Summer Horse Show, but the exciting hunter/jumper action will continue at the Kentucky Horse Park on Tuesday with the Kentucky Summer Classic. The week's highlight events include the $25,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic and the $40,000 Rood & Riddle Grand Prix. It will also feature the fourth leg of the $5,000 Hallway Feeds National Hunter Derby. The 2012 USEF Pony Finals will get underway August 7-12, followed by the Bluegrass Festival Classic and the KHJA Horse Show.


Kentucky Horse Shows LLC


Shawn Casady Trumps the Joker in "Gambler's Choice" - May 27, 2012

The $3,750 Junior Jumpers Gambler's Choice couldn't have taken place on a more perfect evening, Friday night in the Dixon Oval. The air was full of excitement and the tension continued to build as the ring crew set boldly colored, towering jumps that looked like they would present quite a challenge for the 17 competitors.


Each obstacle was valued at 10 to 120 points based on the level of difficulty and points could only be gained when jumped correctly. All obstacles had to be jumped once but were allowed to be jumped twice, then the finish line had to be crossed in order for the time to be counted. Once the course was completed the rider was allowed 20 seconds to jump the "Joker" which could either gain them 200 points or deduct 200 points from their previous round.

First in the order of go was Kalvin Dobbs riding Winde, he was the first to successfully make it clean over the "Joker" but unfortunately was outside the time allowance so he had to settle for third place. Following Dobbs in the order of go was Shawn Casady, of Wellington, FL riding Zubantos owned by Elm Rock LLC. A fiercely executed, clean first round, which he personally devised, ended in 59.897 seconds earning a total of 990 points. Casady rose to the challenge of the "Joker". Like the rest of his round before, Casady took on the "Joker" with complete ease soaring to the top of the chart early where he would hold onto a lead that far surpassed the other scores. Michael Hughes took second and Kalvin Dobbs third.


With the "Joker" jump putting up a challenge few were able to overcome, the Gambler's Choice was a great spectacle in the Dixon Oval Friday night.

Written by:
Hailey Greening for
Lexington KY – May 23, 2012

Shawn Casady continues to lead the junior standings with 700 points, aiming to win the $2,500 Junior Leading Rider Bonus

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Kentucky Horse Shows LLC
Release Date:

Kentucky Spring Classic Wrap-Up: May 16-20, 2012

Shawn Casady and Savant were awarded the championship ribbon in the Large Junior 16-17 Hunters. Allen and Maddox earned the reserve championship honors.

The day concluded with the Small Junior 16-17 Hunters where Maryann Osborne of Mentor, OH, navigated Mine to the championship. Osborne took an early lead in today’s rounds, earning the first round score of 85 and the handy round score of 82 as the first team to complete the round for the division. Their lead did not falter. Shawn Casady and Chromeo, owned by Peakewood Pharm, Inc. of Sanford, FL, were awarded the reserve championship.

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Kentucky Horse Shows LLC
Release Date: 2012-05-22

Mar 18 2012 - FTI Winter Equestrian Festival - CSI4* Wellington (USA)


Casady Sweeps Antares Older Large Junior Hunter Division
Shawn Casady of Harriman, TN, continued his success in the Antares Large Junior 16-17 Hunter arena atop Blue Steel and Avalon, sweeping the division for second time this season. Casady and Blue Steel scored two firsts, a second and a third over fences to top the division with 30 points. Reserve honors went to Casady's second mount, Avalon, who finished second, second, third and fourth over fences and sixth under saddle, collecting 18.5 points total.

The winning mount, Blue Steel, is an eleven-year-old Warmblood owned by Abigail McArdle of Barrington, IL. The dapple gray gelding has had a successful season at FTI WEF, earning two championship tricolors and three reserve tricolors to date. Casady's second mount, Avalon, is a twelve-year-old Belgian Warmblood owned by Visse Wedell of North Salem, NY, and has been equally successful, collecting three championships and two reserves thus far.

Shawn Casady and Blue Steel © www.sportfot.comShawn Casady Blue Steel Lg16 Sportfot

Following today's victory, Casady commented on his performance in the show ring. "The horses jumped really, really consistently," Casady explained. "They weren't fresh one day and quiet the next or anything, they each had nice rounds both days. Blue Steel has a big, comfortable stride that is nice to find the jumps on and he has a nice, easy jump. So, I just try to keep everything slow and smooth on him. Avalon has a comfortable canter, too, with a big stride, but he has a sharper jump up front. I wouldn't say he's a quick jumper, he's just one that can ride more to the base and go a little bit faster and ride tighter turns in the handy."

Casady, a rider of eleven years, has found success in both hunter and jumper divisions at FTI WEF. Describing the quick transition from one category to the next, Casady commented, "It's really all the same. The riding, I mean. It's always about the horse. It's not like they all flat the same and I have to change myself. Some jumpers flat like hunters and some hunters flat like jumpers. It's about getting them to perform the way you want them to perform. It's not about me riding like a jumper rider or a hunter rider, it's about the horse."

In the coming weeks, Casady plans to continue showing in both the Junior Hunter and Junior Jumper divisions at FTI WEF, while finishing up his senior year in high school at The Number One Education Place. In the future, the talented young rider plans to earn a college education as he continues to pursue his passion for equestrian show jumping.


Read the Complete Article by: reitsportnews

Shawn Casady Named Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for February


MARCH 7, 2012 – LEXINGTON, KY – Shawn Casady of Harriman, TN, has been named the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for February.

Casady competes in the East Conference Junior division of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series aboard Zubantos. The month of February was a success for Casady and his riding partner, as they earned 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 11th place finishes during the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth weeks at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, earning 260 points.


The Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series honors one rider each month as the Rider of the Month. The honor goes to the one rider who earns the most points on one horse in Series competition that month.
“We would like to congratulate Shawn Casady on being our Rider of the Month for February,” said George Morris, President of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame. “Shawn has shown great ability during competitions at WEF and we look forward to seeing more successes in the future from this talented junior.”


The Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series saw competition at 8 events during the month of February, and will see classes at more than 100 horse shows before the Series culminates in the Year-End Championships at the Alltech National Horse Show in November.


The Series hosts separate divisions for junior and amateur-owner riders in two Conferences—the East Conference and the West Conference. Series standings are used to help determine junior and amateur-owner entries for the Alltech National Horse Show.


The Show Jumping Hall of Fame conducts the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series, held under Grand Prix rules and specifications. The Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series is designed to give amateur-owner and junior riders an opportunity to compete at higher levels and serves as a proving ground for many riders who aspire to someday represent the United States in international competition.


Any horse show offering a class that meets all the criteria set forth in the 2012 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series specifications and has prize money of at least $1,000 is eligible to be part of the Series.


The Show Jumping Hall of Fame was organized to promote the sport of show jumping and to immortalize the legends of the men, women and horses who have made great contributions to the sport. The Show Jumping Hall of Fame is located at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. Plaques honoring those who have been honored with induction into the Hall of Fame can be seen at the Horse Park’s Rolex Stadium. Mementos and artifacts from the sport’s history are on display as part of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame collection at the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) Wheeler Museum at the Horse Park.


Sponsorship opportunities for the 2012 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series are currently available. For more information, please contact Jonathan Bauman at or call 508-698-6810 extension 12.


For more information about the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, including Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series, please visit the Show Jumping Hall of Fame website at


Please go to Ashland Farms FL and read other NEWS about Shawn, Emily and Ken: Ashland Farms FL

AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Classic Communications
Image Credit: Victoria Clermont

Feb 26, 2012, Wellington, FL. - FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival

Shawn Casady rode to victory in this morning's $10,000 Griffis Group High Junior Jumper Classic aboard Elm Rock LLC's Zubantos in a two horse jump-off out of the 30 horse field. Casady and Zubantos jumped clear in 33.488 seconds to beat out Lydia Ulrich and Up the Creek Farm's Santos Utopia, who dropped one rail in the jump-off in 32.085 seconds to finish second.

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Shawn Casady Wins $10K Griffis Group High Jr Jumper & SSG Bonus


FEBRUARY 26, 2012 – WELLINGTON, FL – Shawn Casady rode away a winner, claiming $4,000 in bonus money from SSG Riding Gloves after winning the $10,000 Griffis Group High Junior Jumper Classic on Sunday, February 26, at the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. Meghan Nusz also picked up a $1,000 bonus after wearing SSG ‘Digital’ Riding Gloves on her way to victory in the $15,000 SJHOF High Amateur-Owner Classic.

Shawn Casady & Zubantos - Photo by Sportfot


The SSG Riding Gloves bonus money had been building in the weekly $10,000 High Junior Jumper Classic, increasing by $1,000 each week that it went unclaimed. Casady, who has been wearing SSG ‘Digitals’ each week, finally laid claim to victory after defeating Lydia Ulrich and Santos Utopia in a two-horse jump-off. His winning mount was Zubantos, a horse owned by Elm Rock that he began riding earlier this season.


“I love the idea,” said Casady of the SSG ‘Go Clean for the Green’ promotion. “It’s especially nice for the people who have to pay their own way.”


As for what the 17-year-old from Midtown, Tennessee, plans to do with $4,000 in bonus money, Casady answered, “I’ll put it in the bank. I’m a pretty big saver.”


After a moment of hesitation, he reconsidered. “But it also looks like I could have some fun with it!”


Please go to Ashland Farms FL and read other NEWS about Shawn, Emily and Ken: Ashland Farms FL 

Exerpt from Jennifer Ward – Starting Gate Communications

Impressive performances by Victoria Colvin, Shawn Casady and Kristen Lutz in the Hunter Divisions


Shawn Casady and Avalon WEF Feb 2012

Feb 18th:
Shawn Casady and Kristen Lutz achieved top honors in this week’s 16-17 Junior Hunters divisions. Casady topped the Antares Large Junior Hunter division with 21 points atop his mount, Avalon, a twelve-year-old bay gelding owned by Visse Widel. Casady was also named reserve champion on Blue Steel, an eleven-year-old gray gelding owned by Abigail Mc Ardle.


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Pennsylvania National Horse Show - Harrisburg, PA

Oct 14, 2011 - The tricolor was presented to Vida Blue, owned by Elm Rock LLC, of Bronxville, NY, in the Large Junior Hunter—Riders 16 & 17 Championship and ridden by Shawn Casady. The Reserve Championship was won by Quality Time, owned and ridden by Hasbrouck Donovan of Gainesville, FL.

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The Chronicle of the Horse

Stars Go Blue Scores A Handy Win

OCTOBER 8, 2011 — UPPER MARLBORO, MD – If you ask trainer Leslie Emerson why Shawn Casady rides her charge Stars Go Blue so well, she can’t tell you.

“He rides so much through feel that I don’t even think he knows how he does it,” she said. “They are an incredible combination—nobody rides him like he does. They are made for each other.”

So when Emerson realized Casady was qualified for today’s WCHR Handy Hunter Challenge at Capital Challenge, she convinced him to ride Stars Go Blue in the class.

That decision paid off when Casady topped the class on a mark of 87.66. He beat out 17 other competitors in the single-round class, which pits the best junior, amateur and professional handy rounds against one another. Hope Glynn rode Roccoco to second and Meredith “Maddy” Darst tacked up equitation partner Copyright to take third.

Stars Go Blue

Michael Reinheimer built today’s track, which included plenty of opportunities for riders to show off their most efficient riding over rollbacks and broken lines. The course included a trot fence, hand gallop jump and a small obstacle at the end of the ring that riders had to walk over.

“I wasn’t sure about it,” admitted Casady, 17. “I let him step over it, then I picked up a canter and into the hand gallop.”

Casady, Midtown, Tenn., has been riding the horse on and off most of the year for owner Marigot Bay Farm LLC in the junior hunter ring, winning plenty of championships and USHJA National Hunter Classics.

“He’s just a blast,” said Casady. “He goes in the ring, and I believe he’s having fun with it. He listens to my body really well—he’s always listening to me. If we’re slipping inside or turning back he’s always one step ahead in a good way. You know like rolling back and inside turns he always tries to give me his all, over every jump.”

Emerson recruited Casady to ride the horse to help get the Selle Français by Riverman in the ring for owner Kelly Arani. According to her their success is thanks to their special relationship.

“She had so much fun watching him go and do that,” said Emerson. “He’s a horseman, and he has a complete relationship with the horse that I don’t even think he can explain. When I see him hanging around the horse show he’s out petting horses in the paddocks.”

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Shawn Casady and Vida Blue took the top Honors as Champions of the Large 16-17 Junior Hunter Division.

Lexington, KY – August 07, 2011 –
Shawn Casady and Vida Blue took the top honors as champions of the Large 16-17 Junior Hunter division. “It’s been a really great day,” smiled Tyree as she collected her reserve championship award. “I am so grateful to be riding such wonderful horses, and to have done so well during the divisions on both of them.”

Yesterday, Casady competed with Vida Blue in the Covered Arena. Although they did well, it was today that Casady saw real improvement in the ride. “She really likes the footing in the Stonelea,” described Casady. “Even in the schooling ring, I could feel her jumping a lot better today. She jumped great down there, but she jumps amazing here with how spongey and sturdy the footing is.”

Elm Rock LLC and the DeMartini family have been generous enough to let Casady continue showing Vida Blue both this year and the next until he ages out as a junior. “It’s an honor and I really appreciate it,” exclaimed Casady. “She goes in there and gives me 110% every round. She jumps amazing, and has a lot of heart. She has a beautiful rhythm, feels great to jump, and looks amazing doing all of it!”

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    Large Junior 16-17 Hunter Tricolor Goes to Shawn Casady and Vida Blue at Kentucky Summer Horse Show

    Lexington, KY – July 30, 2011 – The clouds loomed over the Kentucky Horse Park threatening rain throughout the morning and following through on the threat late in the afternoon. Many of the riders from the Junior Hunter divisions continued riding in the downpour; however, moods were not dampened from the rain as the championship and reserved championship awards were announced. The best horse and rider combinations competed for top honors in their respective honors in the Stonelea Ring at the Kentucky Summer Horse Show, a World Champion Hunter Rider event.

    Vida Blue and Shawn Casady 7 30 11

    After the rain cleared and the sun began to appear again, Shawn Casady, riding Vida Blue, owned by Elm Rock LLC of Bronxville, NY, stole the spotlight and earned the championship award for the Large Junior 16-17 Hunter division. The talented duo made their appearance known when they swept the over fences classes in the division over the last two days. “Vida Blue has an amazing feel at every jump,” Casady said. “She went around in there and left probably a foot over every jump. It’s amazing to feel her give that much effort at every fence.”

    Casady first began showing Vida Blue for Leah DeMartini while she was away at school. The duo has formed quite the partnership, and will continue competing together during the Indoor circuit. “They have been kind enough to let me show her through the season and next year,” he said. “She’s a phenomenal horse and thanks to everybody who puts all this together for me and allows me to do what I love.”

    Casady also earned the reserved championship award aboard Inside Scoop, owned by Chloe D. Reid LLC of Washington, D.C. After earning a first place ribbon, a second place ribbon and a fourth place ribbon in the division yesterday, he followed though confidently to attain another fourth place ribbon today. “I don’t know too much about Inside Scoop because I just rode him for the first time yesterday, but he’s very sweet, very soft,” said Casady. “He has a great disposition in the ring and is a fabulous horse.”

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    Shawn Casady and Vida Blue Dominate Large Junior 16-17 Hunters at Kentucky Summer Horse Show


    Lexington, KY – July 29, 2011 – It was another day of nothing but sunshine at the Kentucky Horse Park for the Kentucky Summer Show. Today featured the Junior Hunters in the Stonelea Ring, where the top horse and rider combinations competed for top honors in their respective division. This week is World Champion Hunter Rider event, and the second class of each division was judged for the valuable points that towards to year-end awards.

     Shawn Casady and Vida Blue 7 29 11

    Shawn Casady, riding Vida Blue, owned by Elm Rock LLC of Bronxville, NY, earned three blue ribbons for their great rounds in the Large Junior 16-17 Hunter division. “Vida Blue warmed up really nicely, I thought she jumped really nicely in the schooling area,” said Casady. “She went in, and she had the same feel in the ring. She was really taking her time and jumping slow. She jumps amazing, so I just try and keep her in a nice box, between my hand and leg in a very soft way. Very soft feel, very open canter but really coming from behind in every step.”

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Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic 2011


Skara Glen's Basel and Shawn Casady Chargin Valley 2011

    July 17, 2011 - History was made in 2002 when Candice King won the Cleveland Grand Prix aboard Espadon, as well as taking second, third and fourth place aboard her other mounts. With only two mounts this year, King, of Wellington, Fla., took top honors aboard 11-year-old Toronto, owned by AAA Equestrian of New York City, N.Y.

    Coming in second place was one of the youngest competitors to ride in this year’s Cleveland Grand Prix, 17-year-old Shawn Casady, of Tenn., aboard Skara Glen’s Basel, owned by Skara Glen Stables, of Pittsburgh, Pa.

    The $30,000 Cleveland Grand Prix hosted a field of 19 competitors. Doug Russell, of Ocala, Fla., designed the technically demanding course of 5-foot jumps. The challenging course saw six riders go clear in the first round, but only two, King and Casady, went clear in the jump-off round. King’s jump-off time of 39.606 was just enough to beat Casady’s jump-off time of 39.623.

    Marge Fernbacher -




Casady and Skara Glen’s Basel win $10,000 Jr/AO Jumper Classic

Skara Glen's Basel and Shawn Casady-Lexington-2011

June 12, 2011 – LEXINGTON, KY – Competition at Lexington’s Country Heir I Horse Show concluded today with an exciting finish in the Jr/AO division, where riders competed in the $10,000 SJHOF Jr/AO Jumper Classic.


The win went to Shawn Casady, riding Skara Glen’s Basel competing over a course at a height of 1.37m. Rounding out the class in the second and third place spots were Samantha Senft on “Early Morning” and Sarah Sturges riding “Kick AZ”.


Casady has had a strong year thus far on the show circuit, beginning with success on the Florida Circuit in Wellington, Florida working with his coaches, Ken and Emily Smith of Ashland Farms.

Photo and Article Credit: Ashland Farms FL

Shawn Casady and Skara Glen's Basel - Photo by: Hadsall Photos

 Saturday, January 22, 2011  Hunters: Wellington: Shawn Casady and Vida Blue Earn the Large Junior 16-17 Hunter Championship With Impressive Scores

Shawn Casady and Vida BlueWellington, FL - January 22, 2011 - The FTI Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), which runs from January 12 through April 3,
awarded more championships today in the junior hunter divisions. Among the various junior hunter divisions offered at WEF,
the Large Junior Hunters 16-17 finished early Saturday and awarded tricolor honors to the victor.

Shawn Casady, riding the Elm Rock LLC entry, Vida Blue, rode to the Large Junior 16-17 Hunter championship in the second
week of WEF.

Casady, of Midtown, TN, and Vida Blue were a hard pair to beat this week. The duo received impressive scores of 92 and 95
over fences on the first day of competition. They then went on to have a repeat the second day of competition, receiving
the same two scores of 92 and 95 over fences.

Vida Blue, a thirteen-year-old, grey Holsteiner mare by Chambertin, has had an impressive show career in the junior ring.
Now her success continues with Casady, who has been showing Vida Blue since November. "She is a beautiful mare to ride,"
said Casady.

The pair clinched the championship by winning all four over fences classes.

Reserve champion honors went to Perfectionist. Perfectionist is shown by Heather Hooker and owned by Richard Prant. The pair was third, fourth, and fifth over fences and they won the under saddle class.

Casady, a high school student, is home-schooled in Wellington so that he can continue riding throughout the winter season, a decision that has proved very beneficial to his riding career thus far.

"I want to thank Susie Humes and Elm Rock LLC," said Casady of getting to ride Vida Blue.

Article written by:Brooke Bidgood for Equestrian Sport Productions
Festival. Photo © Sportfot, Official Sport Photographer of the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival,

Shawn Casady and Glass Castle Take the Tricolor in the Illustrated Properties Small Junior 16-17 Hunters


Wellington, FL - January 15, 2011 - The FTI Winter Equestrian Festival saw a busy start to its first weekend in the 2011 season. Competitors will be awarded numerous championships throughout the season, which runs through April 3. Today, one of those championships was presented in the Illustrated Properties Small Junior 16-17 year-old Hunter division.

Shawn Casady of Midtown, TN, took the tricolor aboard Glass Castle. Elm Rock LLC owns Glass Castle, a 10-year-old Belgian Warmblood mare. "I'm very thankful to Susie Humes, Elm Rock LLC, and Ken and Emily Smith," stated Casady.

Shawn Casady and Glass Castle

Shawn Casady and Glass Castle

Casady was more than happy with his results aboard Glass Castle, as this is only his second show on her. "She is a wonderful horse and beautiful to ride," he beamed.

Casady secured the division championship in a field of 14 riders by placing first, second, fourth and fifth over fences, and placing second under saddle.

Shawn Casady and Glass Castle Jan 2011

The points for champion and reserve were very close this week in the Illustrated Properties Small Junior 16-17 Hunters. Not far behind Glass Castle was reserve champion Caretano, owned and ridden by Hannah Goodson-Cutt. Goodson-Cutt won two classes in the division and also placed fifth and sixth over fences.

Casady stays in Wellington for the remainder of the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival. While here, Casady is home schooled, and said, "I am very serious about school." Home schooling allows for more time to be devoted to riding.

Shawn Casady and Glass Castle

Glass Castle and Shawn Casady in the championship presentation

Tomorrow will be the closing day of Week 1 of the 2011 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival. As the hunter divisions continue, championship honors will be awarded in the Amateur-Owner 18-35 Hunter division sponsored by Bainbridge, which takes place in the E.R. Mische Grand Hunter Field.

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Photo Credit: Shawn Casady and Glass Castle were the Illustrated Properties Small Junior Hunter 16-17 champions during the first week at the 2011 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival. Photo © Sportfot, Official Sport Photographer of the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival, For high resolution images, please send a request to


Casady and Wildrose Capture Small Junior Hunter 15 and Under Championship at NHS

Shawn Casady and Wild Rose Small Junior Hunter 15 and Under Championship - November 4, 2010

SYRACUSE, NY – November 4, 2010 – Awards for the Small Junior Hunter 15 and Under Division were presented today at the 127th National Horse Show in Syracuse, NY.

Taking top honors in the division was Shawn Casady riding Wildrose. Casady ends the 2010 show season with a string of wins and championships including a win in the ASPCA Maclay Region 4 Championships, a top ten finish at the USEF PESOA Hunter Seat Equitation Medal Finals in Harrisburg and a Junior Hunter Championship in Washington DC.

For winning the Championship, Casady and Wildrose took home the “Blue by You” Memorial Challenge Trophy donated by Miss Elyse Novick. Casady is currently training for the 2011 Season with Wellington Florida’s Ashland Farms under the guidance of Ken and Emily Smith.

Please go to Ashland Farms FL and read other NEWS about Shawn, Emily and Ken:
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Photo and Article Credit:Ashland Farms FL

Champions at the 52nd Washington International Horse - Casady and Cachet Capture Younger Large Junior Tricolor

Although Shawn Casady hails from Tennessee, the 10-year-old Warmblood mare Cachet kept the California vibe alive when she and Casady won the Large Junior 15 & Under championship for owners Caroline Spogli and Cavallo Farms of San Diego, CA. 

Casady piloted Cachet to first place over fences and third place under saddle for the division championship. Walk the Line (owned by O'Mara and Donald Stewart) and Abby O'Mara of Rumson, NJ, were the reserve champions after they placed first and fifth over fences and fifth under saddle.

Cachet and Shawn Casady
Cachet and Shawn Casady

Casady is fifteen years old and gets the ride whenever Cachet's owner, Caroline Spogli, is unavailable. They competed once in the winter, a handful of times this summer, and have made the full indoor tour through Capital Challenge, Harrisburg, and the WIHS. Casady said of Cachet, “She's a blast to ride. She's a sweet mare. She has a really good feel and a sweepy stride. Most of the horses I ride are mares and she fits in. I've always gotten along with mares.”

Casady was champion at the WIHS in 2008 in the Large Pony Hunters and he was excited to win again. He remarked, “It's an honor to win here and it feels good.”



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Samantha Smith, Amber Henter, and Shawn Casady Top 2010 ASPCA Maclay Regional Championships

Shawn Casady 2010 Maclay Region 4 Champion Wellington, FL -September 29, 2010 – The 2010 ASPCA Maclay Regional Championships concluded this weekend with the final competitions held in Regions 1, 2, and 4. Championship honors were awarded to Samantha Smith, Amber Henter, and Shawn Casady for their fantastic rides in each of their respective regions.

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Photo Credit: Shawn McMillen

Kentucky Spring Classic Wrap-Up

Continuing the award presentations and championship ribbons was another talented junior, Shawn Casady who was showing Starbound, owned by Caroline Nicewonder of Bristol, VA. The pair won a first and second place in Saturday's over fences, a first place in today's handy hunter class, and a third in Sunday' s over fences class. These winning results earned Casady and Starbound the championship accolade in the Large Junior 15 and Under Hunter division. Reserve champion in the same division was presented to Catherine Tyree aboard, First Partners, INC, Savant.

This was Casady's first time on Starbound, but even thought the pair had not ridden together very long, their results tell a story of two strong athletes. Casady noted, "Everything went great this weekend with Starbound. I am so thankful to Starbound's owners for having me come out to Kentucky this weekend and ride for them."

In the Small Junior 15 and Under Hunter division, Tyree showed Concetto to top results. The duo won the championship award and prize because of their spectacular results. Three blue ribbons were garnered in both over fences classes and the handy hunter class. Then two second place ribbons were earned in the under saddle class and today's over fences class. Tyree could not have been happier with her mount Concetto and their performance together. The reserve championship ribbon in this division was pinned on the bridle of Scout, owned by Mattie Worsham, with Shawn Casady at the reins.

Release: May 27 2010
Author: By Rebecca Walton and Lindsay McCall

First Place Prize Awarded to Shawn Casady and First Lady in High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers at the Tampa Equestrian Festival


Tampa, FL – April 8, 2010 – Today at the Tampa Equestrian Festival the best junior and amateur-owner riders competed for top prizes during the High Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper class and the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner class. Shawn Casady rode First Lady to a stunning double clear victory during the High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper class, after Bryn Rose Sadler was named the winner of the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper class with Madagascar.

Philip J De Vita designed the courses for today’s classes, which were held in the Covered Arena at the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Both of the first round courses featured three difficult double combinations and a liverpool fence. For the High Junior/Amateur-Owner jump-off riders began over a single vertical and a single oxer. They then made their way through the to the vertical-to-oxer combination, where each team had the option of making a tight inside turn. Next, they made a tight turn from a single oxer to the liverpool fence and galloped home to a single, tall vertical.

Michael Murphy was the first to show over the course and qualify for the jump-off with All Star, owned by Centennial Farm. The pair was able to leave all the fences standing, but the duo lost some time when they had difficulty with the inside turn to the double combination. Murphy and All Star stopped the clock at 42.09 seconds, which earned them the third place ribbon.

Shawn Casady and First Lady were fault free to win the Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper class at the Tampa Equestrian Festival.Shawn Casady and First Lady, owned by Elizabeth Towell Boyd, were next to tackle the short course. The pair picked up a fast gallop to the first fence and easily covered the ground. They chose not to make the inside turn, but with zero faults they crossed the finish line in 39.67 seconds to win the class.

Darby Toben and Doreen Toben’s Princeton also completed a double clear effort, but their time of 40.20 seconds would not catch Casady, and they took home the second place prize. Lacy Morrone Cramer and Beauty, owned by Equi-Sport LLC was the last pair to qualify for the jump-off. The duo was the fastest of the day, breaking the beam at 33.761 seconds, but they lowered the height of a single oxer and the final fence for an eight-fault total and the fourth place honors.

This is only Casady’s fifth show with First Lady, but he is thrilled with the pairing. “First Lady is really great because she tries hard,” he explained. “She’s pretty easy, you just need to give her leg and guide her. She tries really hard and she does not want you to overpower, so you need to stay soft.”

During the jump-off Casady decided not to make the tight inside turn to the combination, and it was a plan that worked well. “She was jumping really high and hard, so we needed to be straight to the fences,” he commented. “She covers so much ground that if you slip right around you are going to have the same time.”

Earlier in the day the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers completed their first day of competition. The jump-off round for the class began with a single oxer before making a sharp turn to jump a bending line. Then riders jumped a single vertical in the corner before coming to the vertical-to-oxer combination. They finished by galloping towards home over a single oxer.

Three riders were able to complete double-clear efforts, and the first was the first on course. Darby Toben easily cleared all the obstacles with Cenzington 002, owned by Doreen Toben. They were able to stop the clock in 42.263 seconds for the second place prize. Hasbrouck Donovan rode Delilah to a clear effort during the short course, but the duo was unable to catch Toben’s time and earned the third place honors.

Bryn Rose Sadler was the final rider to complete two fault-free rounds with Madagascar. The pair had a quick pace over all the fences during the jump-off. As they left each fence in tact they were able to cross the finish line in 35.503 seconds and earn the day’s blue ribbon.

Sadler has only owned Madagascar for four months, but she has high hopes for the talented mare. “I am planning to eventually do the smaller grand prix classes with her,” she commented. “She is a really awesome horse and I am really glad to have her. Today my plan was just to make it around clear and then go slow in the jump-off, but that was not the case. She felt really good so I went for it.”

This is the first time Sadler has shown at the Tampa Equestrian Festival and she is glad she made the trip. She said, “It’s a really cute horse show, very comfortable.”

The Tournament of Champions will continue through Saturday at the Florida State Fairgrounds. This week’s highlight event is the 2010 $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational presented by G & C Farm. The top horses and riders in the world will come to compete during this exciting event, which will be held under the lights at Raymond James Stadium.

For more information about the Tampa Equestrian Festival please visit

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Photo Credit: Shawn Casady and First Lady were fault free to win the Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper class at the Tampa Equestrian Festival. Photo By: Rebecca Walton/PMG Photograph may be used only in relation to this PMG press release.

The Chronicle of the Horse  –  March 26, 2010

Mollie Sorge - “Republished by permission of The Chronicle of the Horse.  Visit to subscribe."


Junior rider Shawn Casady, 15, squeaked in for a third-placed ribbon on Eastwood. “It was a great night,” Casady said. “The only person that beat me is Jennifer Alfano, and I’m pretty stoked about that. The horse jumped amazingly. A lot of people were watching, and it was an exciting class.”

Casady and Eastwood were seventh in Round 1, but their stellar handy trip moved them up to third. “I just wanted to be neat and smooth in the handy. They made it clear in the meeting before the class that if you were going to jump the four-foot options, it would have to be better than if you jumped the 3'6". You wouldn’t get more points for jumping the bigger option not as well. “So we just did the 3'6" options because everything was plenty spooky enough. We knew he was going to jump everything well. A couple of the turns off the lower options were a little bit handier than going out of your way to jump the bigger jump.”

In December, trainer Peter Lutz sent Eastwood from California to Bill Schaub’s Over The Hill Farm in Sanford, Fla., for Casady to show in the junior hunters, since Eastwood’s owner, Kelly Tropin, went to college.

“They’re helping me out to provide me with a horse I can consistently show,” Casady said. “He’s one of those horses that just gets better the spookier and bigger the jumps get. He gets very bold.”

Casady, originally from Harriman, Tenn., rides for Schaub fulltime. “This year I have a lot of nice horses to show, and it’s a good year for me to take another step up. I was on the ponies for a while, and last year I made the move to the horses,” Casady said. “I’m having fun working and riding for Bill, and I’m going to see where it takes me.”


Shawn Casady Scores Double Championships in Junior Hunter 15 & Under Divisions at Kentucky Summer Classic

Lexington, KY – July 31, 2009 – The younger junior hunters concluded today at the Kentucky Summer Classic in the Stonelea Ring, and Shawn Casady came away with two tricolors after two successful days of Junior Hunter 15 & Under competition. Two over fences classes were held yesterday afternoon at the Kentucky Horse Park, and today’s schedule featured an over fences, a handy hunter class, and the under saddle. The older junior hunters kicked off today and will conclude tomorrow.
Shawn Casady and Wild Rose earn the Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under Championship
Casady piloted Wild Rose to the championship of the Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under division. The pair earned first and third place ribbons yesterday and captured two first place ribbons today. They also received third place under saddle. Wild Rose is owned by Callie Schott of Lexington, KY. “Wild Rose is a really nice horse,” noted Casady. “I showed her two days last week, and then this week. It’s a nice, easy horse.”

Casady, who resides near Knoxville, TN, also rode Cecret Weapon and Mosaik. Both horses won consistent ribbons throughout the division, with Cecret Weapon just missing the reserve championship. Cecret Weapon is owned by Ashley Kennedy Whitner of Middleburg, VA, and Mosaik is owned by Amanda Cohen of Cincinnati, OH. The reserve championship of the Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under division went to Vulita H with Kelcie Brophy in the irons.

In the Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under division, Casady won his second tricolor of the day with Odette, also owned by Amanda Cohen. Odette took top honors in the handy hunter class and under saddle. In addition, she pinned second place over fences, as well as first and third in yesterday’s competition. He also earned top ribbons with his second large junior hunter, Fitzroy Crossing, owned by Don Stewart of Ocala, FL.

“Odette was really good for me today,” said Casady. “I just started riding her this week. I don’t know her that well, but she was great. Yesterday she was really good, and today she was even better, so everything is getting better,” he smiled. “Today I was second in the first class and won the handy with a score of 87.”

Fourteen-year-old Casady, who trains with Bill Schaub at Over the Hill Farm, often shows horses for other riders and trainers while at competitions. “I do it a lot, so I have gotten used to it,” he said of catch-riding. “It keeps me from thinking about everything the horse could be doing and helps me focus on what they’re actually doing underneath me. When I’m riding something different, it helps me stay focused and keeps me on top of it,” he explained.

The reserve championship of the Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under division was presented to Caroline Spogli and Cachet. She also earned top ribbons with her second mount, Monticello. Cachet and Monticello are both owned by Spogli and Cavallo Farms of San Diego, CA.

The Kentucky Summer Classic will continue at the Kentucky Horse Park through Sunday, August 2. Hunters will compete in the Stonelea Ring tomorrow, and the older junior hunter divisions will wrap up for championship and reserve championship awards.

For more information on the Kentucky Summer Classic, please go to

Photo Caption: Shawn Casady and Wild Rose earn the Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under Championship at the Kentucky Summer Classic. Photo © 2009 Gillian Ellis. Photograph may be used only in relation to this PMG press release.

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The Chronicle of the Horse  –  July 24, 2009

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Shawn Casady and Cadett (Cachet) proved unbeatable

Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic

Shawn Casady and Cadett proved unbeatable, winning all five large junior hunter 15 and under, classes on their way to the grand junior hunter championship.
















Shawn Casady Rides Piece of Art to a Win in the ASPCA Maclay Horsemanship Medal at the 2009 Tampa Equestrian Festival

Tampa, FL – March 26, 2009 – The 2009 Tampa Equestrian Festival’s Tampa Bay Classic week continued with its third day of competition today at the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center. The Tampa Bay Classic will continue through this Sunday, March 29, and will feature some of the nation’s best horses and riders competing for top honors.

The ASCPA Maclay Horsemanship Medal kicked off mid-afternoon in the Jumper Annex with 14 horse and rider combinations competing over fences for the first round. The top pairs then showed under saddle for the final judging.

Following the flat phase it was 14 year-old Shawn Casady of Tennessee who took top honors in the class. Casady showed Don Stewart, Jr.’s horse Piece of Art and walked away with the blue ribbon.Casady showed Don Stewart, Jr.’s horse Piece of Art and walked away with the blue ribbon. Later in the day Casady also placed third in the Pessoa USEF Hunter Seat Medal riding Piece of Art.

“Piece of Art is a great horse; she is a really easy ride and really easy to do these courses on,” Casady commented after his win. “She has a big stride and she really takes you around the course. I thought it was a nice course today; it flowed nicely and was pretty open.”

After competing on the large Florida show circuit throughout the winter, Casady appreciates the laid back atmosphere in Tampa. “This is a nice show and we love coming here,” Casady stated. “It is nice after circuit because it is a lot more relaxed and everything is a lot closer. The ring is right here so you don’t need a golf cart to go everywhere, which is really nice.”

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